Professional Fiberglass Pools Fort Lauderdale

    Anyone in Ft. Lauderdale who is considering adding a pool should seriously consider a fiberglass pool. There are some real advantages. Fiberglass pools Ft. Lauderdale is R. Butler Pools. We specialize in this kind of pool, and have the experience to make installation efficient and fast.


    Fiberglass pools Fort Lauderdale are not the most expensive kind of pools, but they are not cheap. Your fiberglass pool is part of a system that will add to the basic cost, depending on the kinds of equipment you want. You may want a pool cover, heat pump, cleaning equipment, decking, fencing, and other items.


    Fiberglass offers a number of advantages. The surface is easier on a swimmer’s bare feet than concrete. The surface is less conducive to algae and bacteria than other surfaces, and it maintains a more stable pH level. A fiberglass pool needs less maintenance than other kind of pools, and will last 25 to 30 years.


    Swimming pools are expensive investments. Some contractors may offer to build your pool at low prices, but be very careful. Cut-rate pools, whatever the material they are made from, are going to have many problems. Ask your Ft. Lauderdale neighbors about their experience with their pool construction and maintenance. They are apt to recommend R Butler Pools and Decks.

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    Pool Surfaced Are Damaged By:

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    Water Chemical Imblance

    Improper calcium and chlorine can cause damage to your pool surface.

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    Empty Pool

    Florida’s hot sun can crack and damage your pool surface if there is no water in your pool.

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    If your pool was finished with plaster its lifetime may be around 12 years and may need to be upgraded to fiberglass.


    Fiberglass pools are molded at the factory and then transported to the site. A number of shapes are available. A fiberglass pool is installed in one piece into a hole previously excavated. The pool rests on a bed usually of clean gravel. The area around the pool is carefully filled in. The overall installation process is faster than other kinds of pools, and are usually swim-ready much faster.

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