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    Miami Pool Resurfacing

    If you own a pool, chances are you’re already familiar with how difficult the maintenance process can be. Pools come in many different sizes and shapes all of which pose their own preservation and repair challenges. Anything from a leaking pump, worn down pool surface, cracked water supply line, and more can cause your pool to begin running in less than optimal condition. When this begins to happen, contact a professional service provider who will be able to quickly fix the problem.


    Comprehensive Service Quality

    At R. Butler Pools and Decks, we offer premium pool refinishing and repair services designed to help you. Pools are tons of fun however they can also require tons of work, our team consists of certified industry professionals who are able to help you find the right solution to your needs. We thoroughly train all of our service technicians and certify their quality of work. Our pool specialists have years of experience in the business allowing us to deliver premium service.

    Cracks in your pool’s surface, deteriorating pumps, leaks, and poor water quality can affect the structural stability of your pool. With the help of our trained service team, your pool will be restored using industry-leading techniques. All of our pool repair experts use cutting-edge technology to properly analyze and fix any pool related issues.


    High-quality Results

    We offer a wide range of different pool restoration services including:

    • Pool Renovations
    • Pool Resurfacing
    • Pool Repairs
    • Fiberglass Pool Installation
    • And more!

    All of our pool repair and restoration services are affordably priced and come backed by a 100% service guarantee. If you want to install new pool features like a diving board or slide, our team can help you create the perfect aesthetic that you’ll love.


    We provide free project estimates to anyone who is interested in our pool services, to get started simply give us a call or fill out the form on our website. Our high-quality pool renovation and repair services are available to all property owners located in Miami, FL who need assistance.


    R. Butler Pools and Decks, LLC is here to help you maintain a properly functioning pool!


    Pool Surfaced Are Damaged By:

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    Water Chemical Imblance

    Improper calcium and chlorine can cause damage to your pool surface.

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    Empty Pool

    Florida’s hot sun can crack and damage your pool surface if there is no water in your pool.

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    If your pool was finished with plaster its lifetime may be around 12 years and may need to be upgraded to fiberglass.


    Living in Miami with a pool you can’t enjoy? We can have your pool looking and working at its best! This means that R. Butler Pools & Decks can fix anything from minor cracks and leaks to major restoration projects.


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